New upgrade Rolex Pearlmaster 39 new watch appreciation

2016 Rolex is still delivered to bring a variety of new works, and many have not yet listed it has become hot. For the Pearlmaster 39, this is an important year, because Rolex began with 14 patents in the new movement Cal.3235 application which replaced the use of nearly 30 years of 3135 movement, which means that it will be Pearlmaster 39 an upgrade. Next, the new model for the 86286-42745 watch, for example, take a look at the demeanor of the Pearlmaster 39. Pearlmaster 39 watch 39 mm case, the perfect combination of Rolex excellence in precision watchmaking and precious stones mosaic process. Set in the Pearlmaster 39 swiss replica watches diamonds are pure quality and selected by rigorous standards, and in accordance with the best tradition of carefully inlaid to show the most bright light. Rolex own gem laboratory, so that experienced experts to monitor the quality of gemstones. In addition to the quality of the stones themselves, a number of strict implementation of the standards also established the Rolex gem mosaic of reputation: gem neat arrangement, orientation and location, mosaic of solid, law and beauty, and the final bead modification. Pearlmaster strap with a solid 18ct gold chain made of beautiful lines, so watch a unique charm, it is also comforwatch to wear. Strap with concealed crown buckle, both elegant and practical. Pearlmaster 39 replica rolex by 2015 laid the new standard test, certified as top-level observatory precision timepieces. This unique title proves the success of the watch through a series of Rolex laboratory tests, the standard more than the watch industry's routine and level. The new Pearlmaster 39 is equipped with a new generation of 3235-type movement, all developed by Rolex. This movement has 14 patents, in precision, power reserves, shock, magnetism, wearing comfort and reliability are very good in all aspects, the configuration of uk replica watches new patent Chronergy escapement, the new escapement made of nickel phosphorus, not only Efficient and reliable, and free from magnetic interference. Summary: In appearance, the new Pearlmaster 39 watch with Rolex very unique diamond mosaic "6", "9" time scale, and in the movement, through the rigorous testing standards of 3235, will bring to the watch A new user experience.